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Mashesha Stoves is a multi-awarded innovation in safe and clean cooking. Designed and engineered to be environmentally conscious, Mashesha Stoves meets the needs to provide a safe and quicker cooking alternative while at the same time reducing the impact on indigenous resources.
About Us

What is a Mashesha Stove?

A Mashesha Stove is a double-barrelled metal chambered drum with strategically placed air vents allowing for combustion and the secondary ignition of wood gas (smoke). The stove burns with a clean hot flame, using half the fuel compared to open fire.

Mashesha Stoves is scientifically designed by South African social entrepreneur, Louise Williamson. Loosely translated in Siswati, Mashesha means fast or quick cooking, precisely what the stoves do.

Suitable for household and mass use

Mashesha Stoves is a Social Enterprise that sells uniquely designed energy-efficient stoves and fuel sources. These stoves are ideal for both mass and household cooking and heating. The exciting business originated out of an intentional response to an investigated need for indigenous innovation in this sector.


The problem & our solution

What’s happening around the world?

  • Did you know that in Sub Saharan Africa, 76% of the population is reliant on wood fuel to meet their daily energy requirement?
  • Globally around 4,3 million people die prematurely due to household air pollution.
  • In South Africa, 11 500 schools rely on 66 000 tons of wood fuel at the cost of $7million annually to comply with the constitutionally-driven Nutrition Programs and women employment.
  • These cooks are exposed to smoke pollution and suffer lung and eye diseases.

All in all, the collective process has negative social, environmental & economic implications.

Mashesha Stoves solves a local and global environmental solution

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